Five Things Nintendo Could Announce at E3 to…

The problem: Rumor has it that Nintendo will cost $300 for a console-and-controller that prices $230 to fabricate. This may make it dearer than the PS3 and Xbox 360 (even supposing it is usually the identical value because the 360 bundled with Kinect). Taking into account the images are rumored to be no higher than these of the opposite consoles and the device lacks a difficult pressure, players might imagine the Wii U simply isn’t well worth the cash.
The answer: Many console makers will promote a console at not up to it prices them to fabricate it, making up the associated fee with device gross sales. Nintendo has at all times tried as an alternative to economically manufacture consoles in order that it will possibly promote them at a revenue. However as they discovered with the 3DS, occasionally the one method to transfer product is to decrease the cost. One of the best ways to promote numerous Wii Us is to supply them at an incredible value, say $200.
The possibility: Not likely however no longer absolutely not possible. Customarily, Nintendo goes their very own means, and after their success with the Wii they may be able to argue that they understand higher than their critics. However they did stumble with the 3DS, and two stumbles in a row can be this sort of horrific blow for the corporate that they would possibly imagine altering a few of their insurance policies, simply this as soon as.

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