Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii – Product…

The Wii far flung is superb when you need to swing a digital sword or a digital tennis racquet, however in the event you’re seeking to browse the Web on the Wii Web Channel, laboriously pointing and clicking at letters will get previous actual quick. Fortunately, the Wii is designed to work with a typical USB keyboard, however these searching for a keyboard particularly designed for the Wii want seem to be no additional than Logitech’s Cordless Keyboard for Wii.

Logitech’s keyboard is a small (a few foot through 7 inches), lap-pleasant tool, and is identical color of white because the Wii itself. Plug the keyboard’s receiver in a Wii USB port, put batteries within the keyboard and also you’re prepared to head. (There are buttons on the keyboard and receiver that one would predict to make use of to arrange communique between the units, however it sounds as if you don’t want them, even if I pressed them anyway.)

The design is just like computer keyboards, with the quantity pad and every other keys folded into the alphabet keys. Logitech has additionally squeezed in a few additional keys, akin to an “OK” key that’s identical to the usage of your Wii far off to click on an OK button (on a normal keyboard you could possibly press alt+enter) and a End key. There are additionally zoom in, zoom out, ahead and again buttons. These are all to be had on an ordinary keyboard (as plus, minus, cursor proper and cursor left), however Logitech makes their use extra obvious.

Sadly Logitech has made a few unusual design picks. For instance, the “OK” key will have to logically be subsequent to the “enter” key, in the identical manner that Logitech has put the “cease” key subsequent to “break out,” however as a substitute “OK” is caught in an out-of-the-approach a part of the keyboard.

Additionally, quantity pad performance is accessed the usage of a “FN” key that turns letters to quantity, a typical computer keyboard approach. I’m used to the usage of the quantity pad with my proper hand, however for the reason that “FN” secret is on the best facet of the keyboard, it’s important to use your left hand as a substitute.

You continue to want to use the Wii far flung for lots of Web navigation, however that’s merely for the reason that Wii browser does no longer improve all keyboard performance (similar to web page up or the usage of the tab key to vary type fields).

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