‘Silent Hill: Shattered Memories’ Nightmare FAQ…

Recommendation on Specific nightmares [SPOILERS]:

1. First Nightmare
That is the very best nightmare, so operating via doorways randomly will have to work. When you’re having hassle, right here’s a playthrough.

2. Woodland Nightmare
That is the nightmare that’s requested about most ceaselessly on gamefaqs.com. It’s lengthy and circuitous.

You want to return thru all of the homes you simply explored in non-Nightmare mode. While you’re within the wooded area you’ll discover lights putting from the timber. These extra-or-much less point out the route to the subsequent home. Whilst you’re in a home, the problem shouldn’t be getting became round and leaving the identical door you entered, so attempt to steer clear of that.

three. Faculty nightmare
This nightmare has two elements. It doesn’t appear that individuals are having quite a few bother getting in the course of the first phase, so working round will most certainly get you to the top, even though in case you’re having bother that you would be able to do that playthrough (this video ends, fairly oddly, proper earlier than achieving the door to security, however that’s the door you’re working against).

When you attain a room with frozen individuals blockading a door, you’ll get a textual content message that it’s important to take three images. You wish to in finding three areas lit up in crimson and picture them, then return to the frozen folks. You don’t must get all three photographs without delay; that you may get one after which run again to the frozen folks room, which the uncooked shocks is not going to enter, to revive your well being and, should you like, store your sport . Right here’s a playthrough of the image taking.

four. Medical institution Nightmare
For me this was once essentially the most tough nightmare of all of them, and I don’t assume I will have completed the sport if now not for a playthrough that has due to the fact been taken down. On the time I wrote this FAQ nobody has posted any recommendations suggesting there are clues on which approach to go, so that you simply acquired to run round and hope for the very best. Alternatively, this used to be years in the past, so there is also recommendations someplace, or else that you would be able to seek for any other playthrough.

5. Mall Nightmare
Any other nightmare that individuals aren’t having main issues with, so I haven’t come throughout any recommendation on getting via it. I discovered it lovely simple.

6. Home Nightmare
This nightmare has two sections. Within the first you want to undergo doorways which have a mild striking above them (the sunshine is up excessive and some ft from the door, so it’s now not very glaring). Within the 2d a part of the nightmare (after you’ve walked in the course of the TV room a number of instances in a row) you want to undergo doorways with ice round them.

I examine this nightmare ahead of I encountered it, and took the recommendation I’d learn, which is, whilst you stroll thru a wall and are all of sudden transported into the nightmare, flip round and take the door instantly in the back of you. This most likely makes the primary a part of the nightmare shorter.

Unique Thanks
That’s it. Due to gamefaqs contributors Kinichi34, AndOnyx, pikmintaro, Demon three sixteen, bigfoot12796, hrodwulf, Halo_Of_The_Sun, whose recommendation on the gamefaqs discussion board I discovered specifically helpful in getting via this recreation.

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