The Wii U Rumor Mill

The Wii U Rumor Mill Leaked picture of a purportedly redesigned Wii U controller.

On June fifth, Nintendo will eventually inform us nearly the whole thing we need to be aware of in regards to the Wii U. How highly effective is it? What number of touchscreen controllers will it improve? What Wii U video games is Nintendo engaged on and which of them might be launch titles? What does the ultimate controller seem like?

Ahead of we research all these information, let’s check out the numerous, many, many Wii U rumors now we have been taking part in.

The Wii U Controller has Been Redesigned to Have Analog Sticks
A picture, purportedly despatched in by using a QA tester, presentations a Wii U controller with analog sticks, not like the one proven at 2011’s E3, which had nubs.

A Wii U Sport Will Mix the Metroid and Big name Fox Franchises
Retro Studios is engaged on a recreation through which gamers keep an eye on each Celebrity Fox and Samu as they journey and sooner or later meet up.

The Wii U Will Make stronger Two Touchscreen Controllers
After an indignant response when Nintendo claimed the Wii U may handiest give a boost to a single touchscreen controller, we began listening to the console would improve two. Given that strengthen for much less would infuriate individuals and beef up for extra is alleged to be technologically tough, two is most certainly the magic quantity.

The Wii U is Much less Highly effective than the 360 and PS3
A few nameless recreation builders insist the Wii U doesn’t have the horsepower of the present Microsoft and Sony house consoles.

The Wii U is Quite Extra Highly effective than the 360 and PS3
A recreation developer claims that whereas the expertise will likely be equivalent on all three consoles, the Wii U is probably the most highly effective.

The Wii U is a Lot Extra Highly effective than the 360 and PS3
Right here’s an older rumor that claimed the Wii U can be twice as highly effective as present-gen consoles. This rumor hasn’t circulated shortly, making it much less probably.

The Wii U is the An identical in Energy to the 360 and PS3
A Darksiders II builders doesn’t see so much distinction within the energy of the Wii U over the 360 and PS3, someway.

Valve Will Create a Digital Distribution Gadget For the Wii U
The oldsters in the back of Steam are growing one thing an identical for the Wii U to permit players to purchase their video games on-line. Oh, they usually’re additionally porting Portal to the console.

Wii U Video games can be More cost-effective than 360 and PS3 Video games
Amazon has listed some Wii U Video games at $forty nine.ninety nine, versus the $fifty nine.ninety nine they might in most cases go for on the opposite consoles.

You’ll Be Ready to Shop Your Recreation Development to the Cloud
On-line storage for settings and recreation saves? May Nintendo eventually be embracing the web house?

The Wii U Will Promote for $350
Right here’s one rumored worth.

The Wii U Will Promote for $299
Right here’s some other.

The Wii U Will Launch November 18
A popular rumored launch date.

The Wii U Will Launch November 23
A equivalent launch date.

The Wii U Will Have Some Form of Streaming Video
Reportedly Nintendo had some preliminary conferences with some “main media corporations.” It’s an outdated rumor and we haven’t heard the rest about it when you consider that.

The Wii U Will Embrace an E-Reader and Will Play iPhone Video games
Right here’s some other previous rumor that appears to have pale away.

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