The Guide to Setting Up Your Wii

You’ve gotten sold a Wii, now you simply want to get it connected and working. Here is a listing of how-tos on connecting your Wii to your tv, getting it on-line and different stuff.

The right way to Join Your Wii to Your Tv
Step-by means of-step directions for connecting your Wii to your tv.

Get Your Wii On-line
A step-by means of-step information to going surfing together with your Wii.

How one can Make a Mii
Analyze the bits and bobs of constructing and customizing your digital consultant, the Mii.

How one can Surf the Web on Your Nintendo Wii
A information to putting in and the use of Nintendo’s free Web channel to make use of the Wii as an online browser.

Tips on how to Set up the Wii Homebrew Channel
This tells you find out how to hack your Wii. This can be a far more developed form of set-up that the general public won’t ever do, but when what homebrew is and are focused on it, here is what you wish to comprehend.

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