Thor: God of Thunder – Game Review

Execs: Extremely thrilling, over-the-prime fight.
Cons: Repetitive, particularly in boss battles.

There’s something quite relaxing about being a god.  So that you could name down cyclones or hurl lightning bolts at your foes is simply more or less cool.  Which is most definitely why, despite some severe flaws, I had a lot enjoyable enjoying Thor: God of Thunder.  That more or less energy is downright intoxicating.

According to the film, the sport tells the story of Thor’s quest to try this and that on the behest of his plotting brother Loki, whose exact targets I was once by no means clear on.  Reduce scenes will not be absolutely animated however are as a substitute drawings of the characters gliding throughout backgrounds, and they’re no extra fascinating story-sensible than they’re visually. 

Luckily the story takes up little or no time, the sport being nearly completely dedicated to frenetic battles wherein Thor battles ice demons and fireplace demons together with his outsized hammer and his powers over the weather.

Being a god, Thor is vastly robust as the sport starts, wielding an enormous hammer that he can swing or throw and with the ability to convey down a lightning storm.  Controls are a mixture of button pushes and far flung swinging and shaking.  Which you could punch a demon up into the air then hit it a couple of times and practice it to the bottom with a crashing blow a good way to additionally harm different local demons. 

As you development, to procure new powers.  Some, like the flexibility to name up cyclones, are given to the participant when wanted.  Others can also be bought because the participant acquires foreign money, supplying you with some possibility in how your god self develops all over the sport.

Thor is principally a bad-man’s God of Conflict, despite the fact that person who eschews puzzles in prefer of full-out regular fight.  Whereas the sport lacks the spectacular animations and epic story of GOW, it in reality does have the ability to reap a few of that sport’s adrenaline-pumping pleasure.

Along with the melee fight that includes the majority of the sport, there are additionally moments the place Thor flies during the sky (spinning his hammer like a helicopter blade) firing lightning at attackers.  As with floor fight, the thrill is within the frenetic dodging and button punching and swinging of the far flung.

At its perfect, as Thor is swarmed upon by way of demons, the consistent flailing of fingers and urgent of buttons to toss, hurl, punch, electrocute and hammer demons and produce down the would possibly of heaven upon them is really interesting.

That is shocking for a film tie-in sport, as these kinds of are typically drained and uninspired.  That is continuously because of the the restricted time and instruments to be had to make film-primarily based video games, and developer Pink Fly Studio appears to have solved this downside with the aid of specializing in developing in reality nice motion and chopping corners on the whole thing else.

The end result is enjoyable however sketchy. The sport primarily has three environments, one in ice caverns, one in a burning underworld and one in what seems to be a up to date American metropolis overrun by using fireplace demons.  The sport appears to be like respectable, however there’s surely an absence of selection.

The dearth of selection is much more said within the boss battles that finish ranges.  The primary boss you meet within the sport you’re going to battle once more many times in the entire ice ranges, and whereas it positive aspects a number of extra assaults as you proceed, it’s all the time primarily the identical and also you all the time beat it in the identical means (a mixture of usual assaults ending with QTE sequences through which you press no matter button the sport tells you to press, even though as soon as to my shock I managed to conquer a boss through knocking him off a cliff). 

After the ice ranges, you start working into a hearth boss.  Now not most effective do you battle this boss time and again on the finish of a couple of ranges, but it surely in reality isn’t all that completely different from the ice boss that preceded it.  If truth be told, whereas there are a lot of boss battles within the sport, I’d say there are simplest most likely three, perhaps four, distinctive bosses within the recreation.  Whereas in lots of video games boss battles are a excessive level, in Thor they simply drag the sport down, and the builders would were having much less of those battles moderately than forcing avid gamers to constantly combat the identical one.

Regardless of its flaws, I truly loved Thor.  In reality, that is essentially the most enjoyable I’ve had taking part in a sport due to the fact January’s Misplaced in Shadow, even supposing that’s as so much a mirrored image on the standard of this yr’s crop of Wii video games because it a measure of Thor’s excellence.  It’s essential to no longer name it a super recreation, or a memorable one, however being a so-so god continues to be higher than being no god in any respect.

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